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12Planet Instant Messaging and chat hosted solutions


Infochat addresses small and medium sized businesses willing to bring real time communication on their web site or intranet/extranet portal while meeting corporate policies and concerns (security, liability, message filtering, custom or corporate look & feel...).

It aims to provide companies and organizations with a robust and scalable solution and help them deploy it on their technical environment.

Using 12Planet instant communication technology, we have been providing quality software solutions since 1996. Our instant communication software products have been deployed on thousands of professional web sites and corporate intranets worldwide. See some websites our software.

Our products have succeeded in meeting corporate requirements for as many diverse organizations as for different uses: financial services, media & entertainment, ISP & telcos, e-learning, retail sales, travel, recruitment, government & administrations.

With more than 400 customers in over 20 countries, our solutions help companies provide higher quality customer service, achieve significant gains in productivity and save operating costs.



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